privacy policy does not collect personal information about site visitors, nor does it attempt to associate page views with any identifiable individual. Currently, visits to the site will not result in any "cookie" information being sent to the visitor's computer, or requested from the visitor's computer. maintains a standard web-server access log file for use in compiling statistical information, investigating technical problems, and assisting with site capacity planning. The information in the log file for each page view is date and time, visitor's IP address, URL, user agent (a string identifying the type and version of web browser), and referrer (a string indicating the link, if any, followed to access a particular page). The access log file is not publicly available (in whole or in part), and is not shared (in whole or in part) with persons or organizations outside of

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For further information about privacy on the World Wide Web, you may wish to visit the Federal Trade Commission Privacy Initiatives web site.

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